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UCH Manchester Tariff - June 2019


** UCH Logistics: Manchester Tariff **

** June 2019 **

Good day all,

Please be advised we have completed our review and analysis of our Manchester Tariff.

UCH Logistics will be introducing an updated tariff for cargo originating or terminating in our Manchester facility effective Monday 03rd June 2019.

Please note our current tariff will be applicable for all movements effective up to and including Friday 31st May 2019.

The updated tariff will be effective Monday 03rd June, please note the fuel surcharge on our revised MAN tariff will be 5% reduced from our current 7.95% fuel surcharge. Please note this is applicable for our revised MAN tariff only.

Please use the below hyperlink to download a pdf copy of the same, our website will also have the same available for download effective Monday 03rd June 2019.

UCH Logistics MANCHESTER Tariff.pdf
6.87 MB

If anyone has any questions relating to the same please call your local office.

Thanking you all in advance for your continued support and consideration.