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Pallet Exchanges


Good day,

Please be advised that over the past 4 – 6 weeks we have seen a massive increase in demand for loose cargo to be collected / palletised for delivery to end clients. We have had no issue with facilitating this demand but have over the course of this period seen issues with the availability and price of empty pallets.

As a result we had seen an significant increase in our purchase price from all of suppliers combined with a drop in availability and delivery / collection options for stock. We have thus far resisted passing on any additional cost for as long as we were able but have reached the point where we are forced to pass on this increased cost.

Effective Tuesday 26th May our charge for pallets not exchanged for deliveries will increase from the present £5 per pallet to £6 per pallet. To clarify this charge applies when we deliver loose cargo to an end customer premises (we operate a pallet exchange system with all the airlines and off airport sheds) and the customer is unable to supply exchange pallets. If exchange pallets are supplied this situation will not be enforced.

Please note that our usual rate of £15 for palletisation of cargo is unaffected by the aforementioned price increase.

Please note for your records and bear in mind for shipments that may be affected by this matter, thank you for your time and attention.

UCH Logistics would like to thank you all in advance for your understanding and continued custom and support.

Kind Regards,

Team UCH