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Good day,

We have all seen the gradual easing of restrictions across the country with regards to the COVID-19 lockdown and now look to be entering the final phase to the “new normal”. A number of our clients have made enquiries with our team members as to when we would be planning to return to our published tariff.

Our current situation is that we are working at about 35% of our overall capacity, this is a rise from our previous figures at the beginning / mid lockdown of anywhere between 20% - 30% of capacity. Previous to the COVID-19 lockdown we were working in the region of 50% - 65% capacity which is within the realms of throughput levels that we require in order to be able to sustain our published tariff. As a company UCH Logistics have always accepted that there will be peaks and troughs with regards to volumes throughout the calendar year, recent events however have had a devastating effect on our clients and in return ourselves.

As with the vast majority of our clients, the UCH Senior Management Team have assessed our operating structure and engaged in various processes in order to reduce our operational outgoings to their absolute minimum in an effort to be able to provide competitive spot rates for movements whilst looking to maintain the highest possible levels of service & communication during these trying times.

As advised in the previous figures we have seen a sporadic increase in volumes but they are not consistent in volume or frequency.

The introduction of air bridges and no quarantine for holidaymakers are positive signs which we hope will lead to an increase in general cargo as opposed to the recent trend of PPE shipments; please be assured that as a company we are tracking all our figures on a daily basis with a view to establishing an upward trend which will allow for a return to our published tariff.

We will make regular announcements as to our progress in this respect.

UCH Logistics would like to take the opportunity to thank our clients for their patience, understanding and continued support in these trying times and hope to be able to make a positive announcement in the near future.

Kind Regards,

Team UCH