UCH are committed to providing a service  to our customers that is second to none. We strive to achieve this through a programme of continuous improvement. This means regularly reviewing our performance with customers and investing in our staff, vehicle fleet and information technology, as well as making sure we keep up to speed with regulatory and environmental developments impacting the industry.

Investing in the latest Technology

We have invested heavily to acquire the latest technology to provide our customers with a 21st century service.

Automated Email Notifications

Through an automated real-time emailing system that send you a message at key milestones of the assignment, you will always know how your delivery / collection is progressing.

Track and Trace

Track and Trace, a service provided through our website ( allows customers to see the progress of all the jobs entrusted to us. For example, as soon as a delivery has been made, as well as receiving an automated email notification, you can view the status / POD of the job online.

GPS Tracking & Fleet Management

Our vehicles are fitted with GPS monitoring devices & cameras. This means:

  • Every movement our vehicles make can be traced in real time
  • We can provide customers with accurate ETAs
  • We are able to located the nearest vehicle to a customer’s site to make an urgent collection or respond to an emergency service request.

Warehouse Management System

Many of you will already be benefiting from our state-of-the art Bespoke Warehouse Management System which emails you detailed, printed computer generated GRN’s as well as photo’s of your freight. The barcode on the CSD is scanned to complete the driver manifest with pieces, weights and AWB numbers. This is being implemented throughout UCH depots with the aim of eliminating any lost freight (UTL’s) as well as monitoring all freight for Imports, Exports, Trunk and Agent Returns.

EDI Connectivity

UCH can connect to agents via EDI to allow POD’s direct to your IT system, job bookings direct into UCH system or EDI invoicing, whereby customers receive single job invoicing. If this invoice matches the costs allocated for the job then you can authorise payment.